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Kids Birthday Parties - Additional Information

We have prepared this document to keep our upcoming parties and events updated with information specific to their party.

Our priority is the safe environment for our staff but also our customers that visit our premises.

If you have any additional questions, please email office@cocoa-ooze.co.uk

Our format of parties is very similar to the previous. We have not compromised the quality of offering we are known for. As you will be aware, we are living in unusual times with restrictions etc. We ask that you bear with us with any changes. We also welcome constructive feedback to improve our offering.

Our parties have a maximum of 16 children taking part. Our minimum numbers are 8 children or a paid minimum of 8. Depending on the number of children, this will be split across 2-3 tables. As this is a practical party and the children are undertaking an activity. This is how we have previously done this, and it worked well.

Each party slot is either 1.5 hours chocolate making only or 2 hours for chocolate making with food. We have 3 times slots they are 9.30am / 12.30pm and 3.30pm. This gives us 1 hour for cleaning, breaks and set up for the next event.

What they will make, they will take away with them. We provide the packaging and bag for this. We ask at this time to refrain from adding additional items into this bag, although you are welcome.

A Cake is welcome to be taken to the party, but at present, we are unable to sing happy birthday. If the cake were pre-packaged / pre-portioned before the party, that would be ideal, but we do have facilities for cutting a cake if required. Please note instead of candles that require to be blown out which is not allowed, please bring a fountain / sparkler candle.

We ask that only the party parent/parents stay unless there is a medical or healthcare need. We are trying to restrict the numbers of additional people within the premises. We do not have a waiting area within the party area. We ask that the parents drop off their child at the door. Someone from either Cocoa Ooze or the party will be there to greet them. Please make sure that the party parent host has your contact number in case of an emergency. 

We ask the children, unless exempt, to wear a facemask within our premises until they are seated for their activity, where this will be taken off.

When picking the child up from the party, please make sure that you arrive at least 10 mins before the end time as on occasions the party may finish earlier or overrun, we will not release the children until their adult is collecting. It is the party parent/s responsibility to wait to make sure all children are collected. Please wait outside the premises when collecting your child.

We ask that the party parent host arrives no earlier than 10 mins before the start time and guests to as close to the start time as possible.

If any of the children have allergies, please inform us before the party to cater to them as best as we can.

This document is subject to change and provided for guidance to upcoming parties at Cocoa Ooze.

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